Abroad Education Packages

Schools and High Schools

Ages 5-18, Primary School,Levels 1, 2, 3 Education, Secondary School, High School, 16-19 Education, British Education, American Education, Canadian Education, Australian Education, GCSE, A Levels, Advance Program, IB, BTEC, Pre-Universities and Foundation Courses, Medical Foundation, Master Foundation, PhD Foundation,Private Schools, Public Schools, Boarding Schools (most of these courses need student visa)


Ages 19 year old and plus, Levels 4-11 education, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctorate, Higher Education, Private, Public, Medicine, Engineering, Humanities, Art, Nursing, Law, etc. (most of these courses need Student Visa)

Foreign Languages

Learn a foreign language in its native country, General Language, Academic Language, Professional Language, Language Exams preparation, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic (most of these courses need short study visa)

Vocational Courses Plus Internships

Learn skills which are important for every day job, Technology, hospitality, project management, Web development, sport management, Paid or unpaid internships. (some of these courses need short study visa and some 6 months or more work visa) 

Online Courses

Learn short or long academic courses online. Get top unviersities certificates by learning online. Do part online, part on campus. Live classes, full interaction with instructors and other learners. (No Visa Required)

Pathway Courses

These are pre-university courses to take you to the Unviersity.

Foundation Courses

These are One year pre-university to top-up your diploma to start a unviersity course. This is Year 0 of your degree course.

Language Camps for Young Learners

These are short Language  courses in  Touristic places. Learners learn language plus many activities. young learners usually take these courses during their school holidays.

Football and Tennis Academy

Train with Professional coaches. 

Online Diploma

Canadian OSSED, American and UK Diploma done all online.

Online Universities

Higher education courses done online

Online Languages

You Learn languages online

Online Language Exams Preparation

You prepare for language exams online here

Online Tutor

You learn private tution online here

Study Medicine

In this category, we clarify the requirements to study medicine in UK, German, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Uniteted Arab Emirate, Egypt.