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About International Education consultancy

International Education Consultancy guides our clients to find quality education in the best international destinations.  We find not only long academic courses but also short courses to provide the skills you need to help you with employment. We also help our clients with visa application and accommodation.

Our Services

We introduce you to the best educational institutes around the world. We help you with visa application. We help you with accommodation and settlement in destination country.



We have all types of the courses for all ages and purposes. Academic courses and short courses to teach you skills to improve employment.



We validate and sort all the required documents and help you with visa application. We help you to improve how your visa application should look like.



Luxury student accommodation, Live at campus, Live with native family, private accommodation. We have options to fit your needs.


Work permit (Medical)

We can help the qualified nurses, doctors and dentists to register in UK medical system and work under UK national health service.


Submit a Request

1.Submit a request

Make a request from our website (Contact us Page) by submitting a form. Fill your correct contact details and leave the rest to us.



We contact you and arrange a meeting in our offices or skype to learn about your circumstances and your wishes.

Determine Needs

3.Determine Needs

We assess your circumstances and recommend some options based on your circumstances and your specific requirements.

Start Cooperation

4.Start Cooperation

If you agree with our terms and conditions, then you sign a contract with us and authorize us to represent your application.

Special offers are for you !

Please look at the following discounted offers that may expire soon.

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Study Management (CMI Level 4) online Plus Paid work in Top Company in Paris for 6 months Plus two weeks French language in Alps.  Application Deadline: 31/07/2019

Sample Courses Countries

UKGCSE SchoolSeptember 2019£15000£15000
UKFoundation-1 yearSeptember 2019£17000£15000
UKFoundation-6 monthsSeptember 2019 or January 2020£9000£8000
UKUndergraduate UniversitySeptember 2019£13000£10000
UKLanguageAny Monday-15 hours per week£150 Per week£140 Per week
USASchool PathwaySeptember 2019$30000$15000
USASkills- 3monthsAny month$10000$8000
AustriaFoundationSeptember 2019€10500€5000
IrelandLanguageAny Monday€140 Per week€100
RussiaMedical bachelor’s degree- EnglishSeptember 2019$5200$800 per year
RussiaMedical FoundationSeptember 2019$3000$800 per year
SwitzerlandBachelor’s degreeSeptember 2019$35000included
SwitzerlandBoarding schoolSeptember 2019$40000included
ItalyBachelor’s degreeSeptember 2019€10000€7000
FranceApprentice (Study + Work)-6 monthsOctober 2019£6500Free Plus minimum salary from work
CanadaWeb Development- 3 monthsStart every month$10000$10000
USAAirplane Maintenance – 3 monthsSeptember 2019$15000$8000
UKAirplane MaintenanceSeptember 2019£18000£10000
JapanLanguage-3 monthsApply July or October215000 Yenvaries
JapanLanguage – 1 yearOctober 2019800000 yenvaries
China= ShanghaiLanguage -Intensive=30 lessons per week16 September¥2790 per weekvaries
UAE-DubaiEnglish for NursesEvery week1600 Dirham (2-3 weeks)1600 Dirham (2 weeks)

Our Blog

We have classified the important information in our blog to keep you updated about: our seminars and conferences, Education systems in different countries, Visa information, standards of living for some of the countries we recruit students to.