IFM Unviersity Geneva

IFM Unviersity Geneva


Established in 1971, IFM Business School (IFM University) is an accredited institution located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. At IFM, we focus on business education and our business degrees represent amazing value. We specialise in helping students reach their goals and achieve a successful career – our half a century of education and business expertise is testament to that. A pioneering curriculum designed by experts with input from business leaders gives our graduates’ careers a genuine competitive edge. 


Our passion for innovation is reflected in our unique real-business teaching approach: a combination of academic excellence delivered by a first-rate faculty, essential skills developed using practical tools and a digital mindset. Our transformative programmes include all key management skills required by modern businesses, while providing a career-enhancing global perspective. IFM’s excellence in business education is recognised by 3 major accreditation bodies, along with rankings and 2 innovation awards. Affiliations with prestigious associations around the world give us a solid reputation among recruiters.


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Business Type: Private

Institute Type:

Age Range: 19+

Gender: Mix


  • Higher Education
  • Internship (Co-Op)
  • Course plus internship

Number of Students: 2000

Percentage of International students: 40%


Country: Switzerland

City: Geneva

International Airports: Geneva

Maintenance Cost:

Costs per month

Accommodation: Franc 1000

Transport: Franc 150

Food: Franc 350

Courses: Principle of Management, Business Communication

Course Name Duration Minimum Age Level Fees Intake More Details
Executive MBA 1 Year 19+ 7,8 CHF 33500 March, October
MBA International Finance 1 Year 19+ 7,8 CHF 33500 March, October
MBA in Business Transformation 1 Year 19+ 7,8 CHF 33500 March, October
MBA in International Business 1 year 19+ 7,8 CHF 33500 March, October
Bachelor in Management (BBA) 3 Years 19+ 4,5,6 CHF 28500 March, October
Bachelor in Finance (BBA) 3 Years 19+ 4,5,6 CHF 28500 March, October
Bachelor Business Administration in International Business (BBA) 3 Years 19+ 4,5,6 CHF 28500 March, OCtober

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Visa for Switzerland

Visa Name Documents Needed Visa Application Fees

Education in Switzerland

Private primary schools in Switzerland

Switzerland boasts many private and schools, even at the primary level. These schools often provide education from kindergarten through to high school, and are, therefore, a good option for expat parents who want a seamless education for their children.

There are three different types of private primary school in Switzerland, which include: 

  • International schools 
  • Religious schools 
  • Montessori schools 

Life in Switzerland

Country Name: Switzerland

Capital: Bern

Population: 8.6 M

Currency: Swiss Franc

Monthly Maintenance: 1500 Swiss Franc


Life in Country:

With Switzerland being located in the heart of continental Europe, no wonder people go bananas when they’re given a chance to study there. The country’s history in higher education goes all the way back from 1460, which explains the high quality of the Swiss educational system.

If you’re among the lucky ones who study here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and learn directly in line with your passions. Don’t get intimidated by the stereotypes according to which Swiss people are all work and no fun. You should see how they praise their holidays, warm weather, and cozy weekends. It will quickly change your mind!