UBIS University

UBIS University


About UBIS

UBIS is a private Swiss university. UBIS is dedicated to providing high-quality education, with an emphasis on addressing the intersection of business, international relations and the cross-cultural issues that stem from globalization.

With a network of international partners, and over 40 nationalities represented among the students, UBIS provides its students and faculty with a unique international experience.

Mission Statement

UBIS is committed to increasing the quality, affordability and access to tertiary education around the globe.  At UBIS we aspire to create, build and enrich life-long prosperity for the common global citizen by inspiring and advancing self-determination through education.


Our vision is for every global citizen to have the access to the education that they desire. 

This University is a learning institution that cares for the individual student in an international and multi-cultural environment, providing the highest quality education by means of an experienced and committed practitioner-faculty, and by using up-to-date learning technologies. The University will satisfy lifelong educational needs from the University student level to executive development.

In all our activities we shall adhere to the highest academic and ethical standards.

As we see high-quality teaching and learning outcomes a primary differentiating factor and as a necessity for success.  We will place a high degree of focus on insuring and maintaining the highest quality and most globally practical educational standards in the international education community.  

In pursuit of this vision, the University shall:

Provide students with a strong academic foundation and encourage student interest in learning through access to information using modern information technology;

Provide the appropriate educational resources necessary to satisfy the academic requirements within an open admissions system;

  • Encourage student skills in leadership for activities in global business and in an international environment;
  • Become the education provider of choice for corporations, human resource and training managers in our designated markets;
  • Maximize the learning opportunities that arise from a multi-cultural environment;
  • Pursue research, development, and innovative activities that shall contribute to solving problems in society, environment, and economy;
  • Place the highest importance on the development of faculty and staff.

Campus Address:
46 avenue Blanc
1202 Geneva

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Business Type: Private

Institute Type:

Age Range: 19 Plus

Gender: Mix


  • Higher Education
  • University Foundation

Number of Students: 2000

Percentage of International students: 50%


Country: Switzerland

City: Geneva

International Airports: Geneva

Maintenance Cost:

Costs per month

Accommodation: 1200 Swiss Franc

Transport: 200 Swiss Franc

Food: 300 Swiss Franc

Courses: Principle of Management, Business Communication

Course Name Duration Minimum Age Level Fees Intake More Details
Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) 3 Years 19 Plus 9 32000 CHF All round year
Master of Arts in International Relations (MA-IR) 1-2 Year 19 Plus 7 On ground: 27.000 CHF Online: 23.400 CHF Blended: Pay the amount of the corresponding format per semester June 21st 2021 August 30th 2021 October 25th 2021
Master in Business Administration (MBA) 1-2 Year 19 Plus 7 On ground: 27.000 CHF Online: 23.400 CHF Blended: Pay the amount of the corresponding format per semester June 21st 2021 August 30th 2021 October 25th 2021
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations 4 Years 19 Plus 6 On ground: 54.000 CHF Online: 39.000 CHF Blended: Pay the amount of the corresponding format per semester June 21st 2021 August 30th 2021 October 25th 2021
Bachelor in Business Adminstration 4 Years Full Time 19 Plus 6 CHF 54000 (CAMPUS), CHF 39000 (Online) June 21st 2021 August 30th 2021 October 25th 2021

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Visa for Switzerland

Visa Name Documents Needed Visa Application Fees

Education in Switzerland

Private primary schools in Switzerland

Switzerland boasts many private and schools, even at the primary level. These schools often provide education from kindergarten through to high school, and are, therefore, a good option for expat parents who want a seamless education for their children.

There are three different types of private primary school in Switzerland, which include: 

  • International schools 
  • Religious schools 
  • Montessori schools 

Life in Switzerland

Country Name: Switzerland

Capital: Bern

Population: 8.6 M

Currency: Swiss Franc

Monthly Maintenance: 1500 Swiss Franc


Life in Country:

With Switzerland being located in the heart of continental Europe, no wonder people go bananas when they’re given a chance to study there. The country’s history in higher education goes all the way back from 1460, which explains the high quality of the Swiss educational system.

If you’re among the lucky ones who study here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and learn directly in line with your passions. Don’t get intimidated by the stereotypes according to which Swiss people are all work and no fun. You should see how they praise their holidays, warm weather, and cozy weekends. It will quickly change your mind!