Tamwood (Vocational + Internship)

Tamwood (Vocational + Internship)


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Business Type: Private

Institute Type:

  • Vocational School
  • Professional Training Centre

Age Range: 18+

Gender: Mix


  • Foreign Languages English
  • University Pathways

Number of Students: 700

Percentage of International students: 50%


Country: Canada

City: Toronto

International Airports: Toronto

Maintenance Cost:

Costs per month

Accommodation: $700 CAN

Transport: $150 CAN

Food: $300 CAN

Courses: Principle of Management, Business Communication

Course Name Duration Minimum Age Level Fees Intake More Details
Digital Marketing Courses & Programs in Toronto and Vancouver 27 Weeks (Certificate) 48 Weeks (Diploma + Co-op) 18+ 3 $6895 CAN (Certificate), $6995 CAN (Diploma and Co-Op) Monthly
International Business & Management 27 Weeks (Certificate) 48 Weeks (Diploma + Co-op) 18+ 3 $6595 CAN (Certificate), $6695 CAN (Diploma Plus Co-Op Monthly
Applied Certificate in Management for Business & Product Startups in Vancouver 34 Weeks 18+ 3 $7400 CAN Monthly
Applied Certificate in Marketing for Business & Product Startups 32 Weeks 18+ 3 $7400 CAN
Applied Diploma in Innovation & Entrepreneurship 56 Weeks, 64 Weeks 18+ 3 $10700 CAN (56 Weeks), $11200 CAN (64 Weeks) Monthly
Foundations of Food & Beverage 27 Weeks (Certificate) or 48 Weeks (Diploma Plus Co-Op) 18+ 3 $6595 CAN Monthly
Essential Skills in Hospitality, Service & Tourism 27 Weeks (No Co-Op) or 48 Weeks (with Co-Op) 18+ 3 $6595 CAN Monthly
Web Developer & Design Courses in Vancouver 48 Weeks 18+ 3 $8900 CAN
User Experience (UX) Design Courses & Programs in Vancouver 48 Weeks 18+ 3 $8900 CAN
UI Design Professional 48 Weeks 18+ 1,2 $8900 CAN

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Visa for Canada

Visa Name Documents Needed Visa Application Fees
Temporary Work Permits for Canada



Language Qualifications

job offer from an employer


$100 CAN
Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Visa


One year full Time Experience

References from Employer

Academic and Vocational Qualifications 

$550 CAN
Skilled Worker Visa

Passport, Academic and Vocational Qualifications, Experience, References, Language Qualification

$155 CAN
Study Permit

You need these documents to apply for a study permit:

You may also need


Education in Canada

Talented individuals from around the world are drawn to Canada for its diversity, prestigious education system, and cosmopolitan cities. Offering a wide-range of degree programs in numerous fields and disciplines, Canada is amongst the most popular study abroad destinations. Plus, almost every program is taught in English, which grants a variety of choice for native speakers and the chance to practice for non-native speakers who want to perfect their skills. The Canadian education system offers three degrees: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. As an international student, you are welcome to complete all or part of your education in Canada. Like other countries, there are both public and private universities. Tuition fees for public universities average between 7,500 and 22,500 CAD per year, while tuition for private universities tend to be much higher. With few exceptions, degrees earned in Canada are internationally recognized. A vast majority of degree programs in Canada are taught in English. Therefore, students from countries where English is not the native language will have to prove their English proficiency through either the TOEFL® or IELTS™. That being said, studying abroad in Canada is also a great way to improve your English language skills. Practice speaking with locals to perfect your skills while also making new, international friends. Plus, if you plan on staying in Canada after your studies, proficiency in English will definitely be a requirement.

Life in Canada

Country Name: Canada

Capital: Ottawa

Population: 3.76

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Monthly Maintenance: CAN$1,059


Life in Country:

Canada has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the friendliest places on earth. Not only that but it’s also considered to be one of the safest places to live. If you’re looking for the benefits of moving or immigrating to Canada, you won’t have to look very far.

Whilst most countries have shut their immigration programmes down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Canada has been quick to open migration opportunities in 2021. They are encouraging more skilled people to move to Canada to help bolster the economy.

Family friendly and laid-back, Canada was ranked 9th overall on the 2020 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey (1st for cultural values), as one of the best countries to move to. In addition, three of Canada’s cities recently made the top ten of Economist’s Global Liveability Survey – Calgary was ranked 5th, Vancouver 6th and Toronto 7th.

So why is Canada so popular? And do so many expats and migrants find it one of the most attractive countries in world in which to live and work?

It’s long been a country for people who want to live in a place where clean air, good living standards and safe streets are a priority and that’s what you get when you go to Canada. A safe place to live, amongst people who have strong values and ambition.

1: It’s an absolutely stunning place

2: Overall quality of life

3: Spacious and beautiful properties

4: Great job opportunities

5: Family friendly

6: Outdoor lifestyle

7: The best of modern metropolitan living

8: Familiar culture and language

9: Free health care

10: Tolerant and open minded

11: The Canadian sense of humour

12: Canadian crime rates are incredibly low

13: Canada is an ‘education superpower’

14: Canada is a cultural melting pot

15: World leaders in quantum computing, medical research and space science

16: Characterful towns and cities

17: Climate

18: Public services to rival any