Web Developer & Design Courses in Vancouver

Institute Name : Tamwood (Vocational + Internship)

Course Name : Web Developer & Design Courses in Vancouver

Course Type : Skills

Education Level : 3

Duration : 48 Weeks

Method of Delivery : Classroom Plus Work Place

Pre Requirements : Age: 19+, Secondary School Diploma, Skype Interview

Language Level : IELTS 5.5 Plus or Equivalent

Visa Type : 24

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : $8900 CAN Full

Intakes :

Course Description :

Every business needs a website and eventually, every website needs a redesign so demand is high for good web developers. In this program, you will learn how to design and code interactive client-facing websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By the end of the program, you will be able to build dynamic websites using a content management system, produce and consume web APIs, and write efficient code demonstrating knowledge of programming concepts. This program will prepare you to work as a Front-end Developer and in any general web developer position.

You have the choice of doing the full-time diploma or the work and study diploma, which combines the courses in the full-time diploma program with a 480-hour co-operative work term.

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:


Build a solid foundation of HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web development skills. As well as, write well-structured, semantic mark-up with an eye for accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).


Build custom WordPress themes from scratch, mastering WordPress template tags, template hierarchy, custom post types, custom fields, custom taxonomies, plugin development, sidebar widgets, and more. Learn to understand the role of a CMS in managing a website and explore the new WordPress REST API as a means for multi-platform content distribution.


Learn how to use the Sass CSS pre-processor, use CSS best practices to produce scalable and maintainable CSS code, build on and extend basic jQuery and JavaScript skills, interact with popular JSON-based web APIs using Ajax, and use the latest versions of the JavaScript language.


Learn how to use JavaScript task runners to help enhance and automate your web development workflow.


Learn the basics of PHP, including an introduction to object-oriented programming, best practices for writing modern PHP, and understand the server-side programming language (and how it differs from JavaScript).

Git & GitHub

Master version control using Git from the command-line and open-source your projects on GitHub.

Minimum Age: 19 Years

You have completed: Final year of general/secondary level schooling

Language Skills: International students must demonstrate Level 5 English with Tamwood Careers’ online test and interview. The online test and interview are exempt if IELTS Academic score 5.5 or higher, TOEFL iBT score 46 or higher, Cambridge FCE (C), Tamwood Language Centre’s Level 5, or successful completion of Tamwood Language Centre EAP 192 or IELTS preparation course is presented.

Interview: An in-person or virtual (Skype) interview with a Tamwood member.

Access to PC/MAC:

We recommend that students in the Web Developer Professional program have a MAC notebook or Windows PC.

Course 1: HTML

# of Hours: 40

Course 2: CSS (Typography)

# of Hours: 16

Course 3: CSS (Layouts)

# of Hours: 32

Course 4: Responsive Web Design

# of Hours: 16

Course 5: Command Line Interface (CLI)

# of Hours: 16

Course 6: Foundational Programming Concepts

# of Hours: 16

Course 7: JavaScript Programming

# of Hours: 40

Course 8: jQuery

# of Hours: 40

Course 9: Ajax, JSON, and third-party APIs

# of Hours: 24

Course 10: ES2015 JavaScript Syntax/Object-oriented JS

# of Hours: 40

Course 11: Gulp & Webpack Configuration

# of Hours: 16

Course 12: Sass (CSS pre-processor)

# of Hours: 8

Course 13: Git, GitHub & Version Control

# of Hours: 24

Course 14: PHP Programming

# of Hours: 16

Course 15: Object-oriented PHP

# of Hours: 8

Course 16: WordPress Custom Theming

# of Hours: 80

Course 17: WordPress Plugin Development

# of Hours: 16

Course 18: WordPress Custom Post Types, Taxonomies & Fields

# of Hours: 8

Course 19: WordPress REST API

# of Hours: 24

Cooperative Work Experience

# of Hours: 480

Profit from Professional Instructors with Practical Experience in the field of web development

Make use of work-integrated learning by completing projects in both the study and the co-op term

Learn from industry professionals with first-hand knowledge through our guest speaker series

Students in the Work and Study Diploma Program complete a 480 hour co-op work placement. After completing the Job Skills Seminars and attending the Orientation to Working and Living in Canada, co-op students work with the Work Placement Coordinator to secure a job placement in which they can make a practical application of the skills and knowledge learned in the study term. Through the co-op work placement, students gain valuable work experience in Canada, expand and fine-tune their hard and soft skills and make new professional connections in their chosen career field.