Applied Certificate in Marketing for Business & Product Startups
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  • Applied Certificate in Marketing for Business & Product Startups

Institute Name : Tamwood (Vocational + Internship)

Course Name : Applied Certificate in Marketing for Business & Product Startups

Course Type : Skills

Education Level : 3

Duration : 32 Weeks

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : Age: 19+, Secondary School Diploma, Skype Interview

Language Level : B2-C2

Visa Type : 24

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : $7400 CAN

Intakes :

Course Description :

For Aspiring Marketing, Community and Sales Managers

In the Marketing for Startups program, you will create a product or service from scratch by going through all the steps of a marketing process in real-life conditions. This includes customer discovery, research, promotion, product design, and brand management.

Learn how to create and develop a business idea that will iterate and evolve. Develop your discipline in prioritizing and testing marketing ideas, and religiously analyzing such results to see which tactics work the best and should be scaled out further. You will learn and develop new marketing, strategy, and growth skills through hands-on practice in your business project.

Even if the startup world is not your thing and you covet a job in a large, established brand, this program is for you. Successful businesses need great leadership and great ideas – learn the essentials of business strategy, marketing, and communication and how to bring your ideas to life. Learn to stand out and be the driver of change in your next job.

Course Breakdown

Course 1: Innovation & Business Ideation

# of Weeks: 4

# of Hours: 80

Course 2: Marketing for Startups & Product Launches

# of Weeks: 8

# of Hours: 160

Course 3: Global Business Strategies

# of Weeks: 8

# of Hours: 160

Course 4: Business Communications

# of Weeks: 4

# of Hours: 80

Capstone Project

# of Weeks: 2

# of Hours: 40

Program Outcomes

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • • Market and sell a business idea that is aligned with your passion and personal values
  • • Create a prototype/ Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate a business idea
  • • Create customer user profiles
  • • Develop a sales process and identify how to monitor and derive what metrics are meaningful in understanding how to grow the business’s customer base
  • • Identify the importance of brand voice and a marketing strategy that includes both earned and paid media, partnerships, business development, and face to face engagement
  • • Identify the opportunities and challenges when looking at a business model through a global perspective
  • • Create a marketing plan that corresponds with sales goals
  • • Communicate effectively through empathy and leadership with business stakeholders (such as investors, employees, and potential customers)

Minimum Age: 19 Years

You have completed: Minimum one academic year post-secondary studies; or 24 months of work experience in any field.

Language Skills: International students must demonstrate Level 5 English with Tamwood Careers’ online test and interview. The online test and interview are exempt if CEFR B2, IELTS 5.5, TOEFL iBT 46-59, Cambridge FCE (C), Tamwood Language Centre’s level 5, or proof of successful completion of Tamwood Language Centre EAP 193 is presented.

The Capstone Project is an academic project in which students select a topic that relates to both their studies and their field of work. This is submitted in the form of a final written report or presentation. In selecting and working on their project, students will practice critical thinking, solving challenging problems, and developing skills such as oral communication, research skills, planning, self-sufficiency, and goal setting—valuable skills that are sought after by employers!