Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
course Name

Institute Name : UBIS University

Course Name : Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Course Type : PhD

Education Level : 9

Duration : 3 Years

Method of Delivery : Classroom, Online, Blended

Pre Requirements : Good masters plus experience

Language Level : C1

Visa Type : 25

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : 32000 CHF Full

Intakes : All round year

Course Description :

The UBIS DBA research and thesis portion of the program consists primarily of individual research, under the supervision of qualified professors who provide a broad range of expertise as well as an international reputation.

At UBIS, every selected student will receive rigorous and tailor-made coaching by our doctoral faculty.

The program can cover traditional research topics in fields such as management, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, as well as non-traditional topics depending on students’ needs. Virtually all topics are accepted as long as the research is connected to management.

The UBIS Doctorate in Business Administration first began in 2018 and is now programmatically accredited by the IACBE.

This is a 60 credit program in which 20 credits are based on relevant business topics, 25 credits are based on learning how to research, and 15 credits are based on executing your dissertation. Each module will contribute to the research for your Dissertation. Moreover, our very practical DBA is based on skills rather than merely research like other Doctorate programs. We will also help you perfect your public speaking abilities which we know is very important for any professional career.

During the program you will be guided by a professor with a deep understanding of the field you will be studying but at the end of the day the expert on the particular topic will be you.

We have a state-of-the-art learning management system, and we have a faculty body that has become extremely fluent in interfacing and working with students in a remote fashion during the pandemic.