Fees Structure

Fees Structure

Our core values are our principles of practice. They embody our sense of social responsibility, accountability, and proper conduct. We will act appropriately as professionals charged with the important task of assisting students for higher education and learning. We keep all our team in line with latest standards by providing them relevant training. As you strive for excellence, so do we.

Education Fees:

Category Country Business Type Institute Type Curriculum Minimum Fee
Schools and High Schools United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine Private Secondary School, Sixth Form, Middle School USA Education, Secondary Education, A Levels
Universities Finland, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United States, United Arab Emirates, Saint Lucia, Swaziland, United Kingdom Private University Higher Education, University Pathways, Course plus internship
Foreign Languages Spain, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, United States Private Language School Foreign Languages Spanish, University Pathways
Academic Trips United Kingdom, Canada Private Secondary School, Sixth Form International Baccalaureate, Foreign Languages English, University Pathways $1,490 CAD per week
Vocational Courses Plus Internships Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom Private Professional Training Centre University Pathways, Course plus internship
Online Courses United Kingdom, United States, Afghanistan Private University GCSE, A Levels, Higher Education, University Foundation, Engineering Foundation Levels 4 and 5: £2200, Level 4: 1800, Level 5: £1800
Educational Holidays Switzerland, Germany Private Language School Foreign Languages English, Foreign Languages German, Foreign Languages French 1 week: 1550 CHF, 2 Weeks: 2600 CHF, 3 Weeks: 3600 CHF
Pathway Courses Switzerland, Germany
Foundation Courses Switzerland, Germany


Maintenance Expenses:

Country Capital language Currency Monthly Maintenance
Switzerland Bern German, French, Italian, Romansh Swiss Franc Swiss Franc 1300
Poland Warsaw Polish Ztoty ztoty 1366
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Arabic Dirham 2500 Dirham
Netherlands Amsterdam Dutch Euro Euro 850
France Paris French Euro Euro 850
Italy Rome Italian Euro Euro 800
Spain Madrid Spanish Euro Euro 800
Germany Berlin German Euro Euro 850
United Kingdom London English Sterling Pound £1000
India delhi Hindi Rupee 11.66
USA Washington DC English USD $700-$1000
Canada Ottawa English CA$ CA$ 850