Our Services

Our Services

We introduce courses at international institutes to all our students. We have specific courses for all range of ages. Long courses last minimum one year. Short courses last less than 11 months and you would need only a short visa to do these courses. We also offer accommodation to our students. We help people with visa application.

Our Courses

We offer academic, Language, Vocational Skills, Study plus Work, Summer Language and Summer University courses. You must have minimum Language and academic qualifications requirements in order to be qualified for academic courses. You need student Visa for academic courses.

All other mentioned courses are short courses that need short study visa. You would obtain certificates at the end of all courses.

Academic Courses

(Minimum valid language qualifications, Minimum Academic qualifications, minimum one year, Student Visa, Starts September or January)


 (Academic or General, learn in native country, 2 Weeks to 11 months, starts every week, Minimum Study Visa)

Vocational Skills

(Improve employability, One month to 11 months, Short Study Visa)

Study Plus Work

(Apprentice Courses, Work Experience, Work with big companies, 1 month to 11 months, Work visa)

Summer Languages

(Ages 11-19, Language Plus activities, Sport academy, July or August, 2 weeks, Short Visa)

Summer University

(Oxford-Cambridge- Harvard, 2 or 4 weeks, July or August, Short Visa)


Apartment for student and family


Share rooms in campus


Live with native family


Budget accommodation


Single rooms in specialised student houses


We offer variety of accommodation options. We have luxury Student accommodation with state of art facilities.  We also have accommodation at the school or university campus.

We also offer budget accommodation.  We offer private apartments for students that are accompanied by their family.  You can also live with native families.


We help our clients with visa applications. We check carefully the requirements of the visa and make sure that applicants meet the requirements.  We check all documents and help the clients to fill the visa forms.

We have specialised experts to help applicants with Visit, student, work or investor visa.


Student Visa


Investor Visa


Work Visa


Visit visa


Travel Insurance


Student  Insurance


Insurance for Young Travellers


Temporary or annual Insurance


We have partnered with the best insurance companies which are specialised with student insurance. It is important to consider taking insurance policies to cover the losses of unexpected incidents.

Work permit for medical professionals

We have prepared good packages to help Nurses, Doctors and Dentist to register in UK medical system and practice. We consult each individual to show the fastest route to full registration in UK.

National Health Service

(500000 employees, Free treatments to all patients)


(General Dentist Council, Salary about: £100000, Specialist Doctor salary about: plus £120000)


(General Medical Council, Full Registration, Temporary Registration, General Practice/Salary about: £80000, Specialist Doctor salary about: plus £120000)


(General Nursing Council, 320000  work in NHS, 50000 Shortage, Salaries from £25000 to £45000)