Spanish course for University Access- Standard
course Name

Institute Name : Hispania-Valencia

Course Name : Spanish course for University Access- Standard

Course Type : Foreign Languages

Education Level : 1,2

Duration : 30, 40, 52 Weeks

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : Entry level Assessment

Language Level : A1-C1

Visa Type : 34

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 3500 (30 weeks), Euro 4000 (40 weeks), Euro 4500 (52 Weeks) Full

Intakes : All round year

Course Description :

Spanish Course for University Access – Standard Course

This is a 40-week Spanish course that aims to intensify preparation for students to access university and university degree and master programs.


This course has a pre-established calendar and a constant learning rhythm, to ensure that students reach at least one B2 level of Spanish. There is continuous evaluation of all students, as well as special didactic materials for the course. In the final part of the course all candidates are included for the preparation of the DELE Diploma, as well as exam writing classes, to ensure the success of their writings in their university future.



Attendance certificate.


Educational consultancy for access to the University.


Class materials.


Administrative support for student visa.


20 hours per week: General Spanish,
preparation course for DELE
and writing course for university exams.