MSc Strategic Management & Consulting
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Institute Name : CBS International Business School

Course Name : MSc Strategic Management & Consulting

Course Type : Masters

Education Level : 7,8

Duration : 2 Years

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : Bachelor Degree, High School Diploma, IELTS 6.5

Language Level : B2

Visa Type : Study Permit

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 5370 per semester Semester

Intakes : September

Course Description :

Master of Science in Strategic Management - Why should you study it?

With its comprehensive training concept, the master of science in strategic management & consulting prepares you optimally for positions in management or consulting companies. Within four semesters, you will thus become able to make far-reaching decisions for your future employer on the basis of figures and facts.

What strategy change should a company implement? And which consulting tools and techniques do you use to base your evidence on to justify this change in strategy to the management? In your master’s degree in “Strategic Management and Consulting” you will not only acquire a comprehensive understanding of the entirety of a business model, but also apply a comprehensive Consulting Tools Kit that will prepare you ideally for the demands of the professional world. After successful completion of your consulting studies you will be awarded the title “Master of Science”.

Targeted further development of consulting and management skills

Can you imagine using your analysis and decision-making skills to successfully manage your company? In our English-language master`s programme in Consulting you will acquire all the necessary specialist and methodological skills for this: you will deal intensively with the digital aspects and considerations of sustainable management and take a look at the topic of “Business Models”. The major changes in traditional industry structures and the continuous transformation of successful business models – especially in times of digitalisation – require clever strategic approaches and answers, which you will acquire in the “Strategic Renewal” course. In addition, you will develop an understanding of business start-ups and your own start-up idea as a basis for management consulting in subjects such as

  • Strategic Investment Decision and Risk Management

  • Strategic Renewal and Digital Business Models

  • Environmental Impact Management

  • Corporate Governance

Practice-oriented teaching content: Consulting Techniques and Consulting Tools

Speed and efficiency are trumps in management consulting. Experienced consultants draw on proven tools to develop optimal strategies in the shortest possible time. During your master’s degree course in “Strategic Management & Consulting” you will learn these methods in courses such as “Consulting Techniques” and immediately test them in a “Student-centred learning approach” using case studies from successful companies in the course: “Evidence-based Problem Solving – Case Lab”. In addition, you will apply the methods learned in a real business context in our practical phases, such as an internship and a business project.

Innovative skill formats: Pitching and Assessment Center Bootcamp

Put your knowledge and skills to the test in our business skills training courses: Our “Assessment Center Bootcamp” prepares you intensively for the examinations in assessment centres of large management consultancies. You will not only critically examine the various questions and questioning techniques but can also test your stress resistance in a fake selection process. The following skill formats are also taught in the second semester:

  • Ted Talk Seminar

  • Business Plan Writing and Pitching

What are the future career prospects in strategic management and consulting?

Consultants are the first point of contact when it comes to steering a company on the road to success. In the first two semesters you will deal intensively with the change of business models, value chains, strategic-organisational changes in the company as well as approaches and methods of strategic management. How does digitisation affect companies? And what challenges does the economy face in the context of Industry 4.0? These and other questions are aimed at the special underlying conditions of companies today and are dealt with intensively in courses such as “Innovation Management and Digital Transformation” and “Industry 4.0 and System Engineering”.

Strategic Management Career Path - What are the job opportunities?

A master’s degree programme in “Strategic Management & Consulting” opens up attractive career opportunities in various fields of work:

  • Management consultancy

  • In-house consulting

  • Strategy consulting

  • Corporate development

  • Project management

  • M&A advisories

  • Assistance to the management

  • Strategic positions in family businesses

  • Activities within the manufacturing industry

  • Activities within start-ups

The expertise of a consultant is in great demand across all sectors. For example, they work in the IT sector, logistics, banking, technology and telecommunications, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Even if you don’t want to commit yourself to one industry within your studies – with the title Master of Science in “Strategic Management and Consulting” all paths within the consulting industry are open to you. In addition, you are also excellently qualified for a subsequent doctorate as the basis for an academic career.

Master in Consulting: In-depth knowledge in international business

Consultants need a broad understanding of business administration in order to find effective solutions for business challenges. They achieve their project goals by examining the individual starting position, identifying new opportunities early on and realising them within the company in a resource-saving manner. During your master`s in Consulting you can expect the following in-depth teaching content:

  • International Economics

  • Business Economics

  • Applied Management Accounting

  • Empirical Research Methods

Developing analytical skills

During your master`s in Consulting you will learn different methods for analysing large amounts of data (Big Data), on the basis of which you can make your operational decisions with confidence. In our module “Innovative Data Analysis” you will also deal with the topic of “Business Intelligence” and learn how to find number-based, goal-oriented solutions. In addition, you can develop your analytical skills in these courses:

  • Industry 4.0 and System Engineering

  • Environmental Impact Management

  • Data Science

High practical relevance in the Consulting master's

Practical experience in strategic management and consulting should not be underestimated: In consulting, decisions with wide-reaching consequences are made, which do not always meet with a positive response from customers or management. This requires tact and assertiveness, which can best be acquired through practical experience: During your master`s in “Strategic Management and Consulting” you will complete an internship  and work on real business cases in a business project with our practice partners or in our business simulation game.

The aim of the degree programme is to prepare students as well as possible for entering the workforce and for their future careers. Therefore, the practical transfer of specialised knowledge in the Business Project, a Capstone Simulation Game and an optional internship semester at home or abroad are part of the study programme.

You can choose whether you write your Master's thesis in cooperation with a company during an internship or during a semester abroad at one of our more than 120 partner universities.