MSc Software Engineering in Business
course Name

Institute Name : SRH University of Applied Sciences

Course Name : MSc Software Engineering in Business

Course Type : Masters

Education Level : 7,8

Duration : 4 Semesters

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : Bachelor in Degree, High school diploma, IELTS 6.5, CV

Language Level : B2

Visa Type : 32

Application Fee : Euro 900

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 6450 Semester

Intakes : September

Course Description :

Do you prefer to spend your time in front of the computer and find it exciting to program innovative software yourself? Then the Master's degree in Digital Transformation Management - Software Engineering in Business is the perfect fit for you.


What you will learn

With the Digital Transformation Management Master's programme - Focus on Software Engineering in Business, you will become an expert for a wide range of strategic and technological challenges of digital transformation. You will learn how to develop, design and implement innovative software solutions yourself.

In the practice-oriented MSc Digital Transformation Management programme, we prepare you to successfully lead companies into the digital future.

Career prospects. Discover new perspectives!

"Software is eating the world" said Netscape inventor and Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen in 2011. This motto of digitisation is still relevant today.

The networking of people, institutions and objects associated with the digitisation of the economy and society, as well as the development of new technologies and business models, are opening up new perspectives for companies. These can lie, for example, in product development, the development of new target groups and marketing.

The digital transformation therefore requires experts who have mastered the use of the engine of digitisation: software.

And the need for software developers is huge. Companies have a considerable need for experts who can develop software solutions and are proficient in dealing with complex software systems.

With the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired during your studies, you will be able to plan, prepare, implement and follow up software development projects yourself. You will be on a par with specialists in software engineering and will be able to advise companies on the selection and introduction of software solutions and alternative (agile) software engineering methods and tools. In addition, you can try out, test, and evaluate new and old, existing software products.

With your Master in Digital Business Management - Focus on Software Engineering, the following and further career paths are open to you:

  • Digital business manager (Focus on software engineering)
  •     Digital transformation manager (Focus on software engineering)
  •     Junior software developer
  •     Junior software engineer
  •     Junior software tester
  •     IT consultant software

It consists of 4 semester. First Semester:

  • Disruptive Innovations5
  • Corporate Management5
  • Process Management5
  • Innovation Management5
  • Software Engineering I: Software Engineering Principles, Methods and Techniques, Programming Project I5
  • Leadership Skills5


Our requirements

Please apply online via the application form on our website. We will evaluate your eligibility and invite you for an interview. To be considered for a study place for this Master's programme, the following requirements must be successfully fulfilled:

  • University degree (Bachelor's degree) with at least 180 ECTS in:
    Business/Management, Business Informatics, Informatics/Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar
  • Non-business related university degree (min. 180 ECTS) + 6 months relevant working experience
  • Proof of English language proficiency



Your tuition fees

The tuition fees are as follows:

  • EUR 4,080 per semester for EU/EEA students (incl. Western Balkans, Switzerland)
  • EUR 5,400 per semester for non-EU/non-EEA students

The amount is fixed for the entire period of study.

In addition, an enrolment fee of EUR 500 for EU/EEA students (EUR 900 for non-EU/non-EEA students) is due at the beginning of the course.