MSc Computer graphics and visual communication
course Name

Institute Name : West Pomeranian

Course Name : MSc Computer graphics and visual communication

Course Type : Masters

Education Level : 7,8

Duration : 1 Year

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : First Degree, High School Diploma, IELTS 6.0

Language Level : B2

Visa Type : 39

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : PLN 4160 Annual

Intakes : September

Course Description :

Do you want to effectively use visual communication to gain customers? Enroll in postgraduate studies at ZPSB and learn the secrets of creative graphic design.

During your studies, we will show you how to work on the most famous graphic programs, process digital photos and create computer animations. You will learn how to design websites, create advertising materials and publications. We will also take care of your sales and management competences - you will learn about new media sales and marketing techniques. And all this during classes conducted with the use of interactive methods, mainly in the form of workshops in computer laboratories.

We have enriched postgraduate studies with a set of key competences valued on the labor market, the possibility of self-diagnosis using the Key Competence Barometer and the opportunity to supplement knowledge and skills thanks to specially prepared e-learning materials and the mobile game "Competency pills" (m-learning).

The addressees of postgraduate studies in the field of Computer Graphics and Visual Communication are people with higher education, holding managerial, specialist and auxiliary positions at all management levels, using visual communication and tools for digital processing of graphic elements in their work. The study is aimed at people who are responsible for preparing multimedia presentations, taking care of the content of websites, creating messages about the company's activity or training content, building an image on the web, and contacts with media houses. We also invite people who are computer graphics, but need to deepen their knowledge of marketing and sales techniques for their products. It is also a way for graphic enthusiasts to improve their skills,

Why is it worth

Benefits for participants:

  • Getting to know the theory of preparing a multimedia message (typography, composition or psychology of advertising) as well as practical knowledge of graphic tools
  • Acquiring the ability to create graphic designs for the company's needs, preparing designs for printing and selecting the appropriate advertising composition
  • Contact with specialists in business practice
  • Possibility to prepare your own graphic design under the supervision of practitioners

Advantages of the studies Computer graphics and visual communication at ZPSB:

  • Classes are conducted by practitioners - graphic designers, owners of advertising agencies
  • Working on graphics programs (both commercial - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffect, CorelDraw, and open source)
  • A significant amount of hours devoted to computer workshops and work on graphic design and visual communication tools
  • The study program is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized organizations that must use computer graphics and visual communication tools on their own
  • Practical and useful diploma thesis - preparing your own graphic design
  • Convenient organization of classes - classes only on Fridays and Saturdays
Study programme
Subject number of hours
Integration classes 3
Products of applied art 15
Visual communication and multimedia message twenty
Principles of selecting typography, signs and graphic symbols 10
Basics of functional graphic design - workshop 25
Website design - workshop twenty
Photo techniques and digital photo processing 15
Preparation of video materials - workshop 10
Basics of computer animation 15
Preparation of advertising materials - workshop 15
Preparation and composition of publications - workshop 15
BLOCK - KEY COMPETENCES (in the e-learning system) - the student independently selects 4 key competences based on the diagnosis. 40
  • Self-presentation
  • Functioning in an international environment
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Creativity
  • teamwork
  • Intellectual property law
  • Law in business
  • Well-established foundations of mathematics
  • Management of knowledge
  • Team management
  • Knowledge of information technology
Diploma exam  2
Total hours 205

After completing postgraduate studies, the student:


  • Has knowledge of specialized graphic programs
  • Has knowledge of basic digital techniques and digital image processing
  • Has knowledge of web design
  • Has knowledge of computer print preparation
  • Has basic knowledge of communication, drawing and image composition
  • Has knowledge of working on a graphic design and intellectual property protection law


  • Uses specialized graphic programs
  • Designs websites
  • Can design, create and prepare for printing graphic elements of visual identification: logo, business card, letterhead, corporate website layout, advertising materials
  • He can prepare digital graphic materials in accordance with the requirements of the printing house
  • He consciously uses photography in design and functional tasks
  • He can run a graphic design and use the available tools in accordance with applicable law

Social competence

  • He can work in a team
  • He understands the need and knows the possibilities of continuous training, improving professional, personal and social competences. Has the ability to self-study
  • Can present graphic designs in an understandable way, taking into account different points of view

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