MSc Business Psychology and Management
course Name

Institute Name : CBS International Business School

Course Name : MSc Business Psychology and Management

Course Type : Masters

Education Level : 7,8

Duration : 2 Years

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : Bachelor Degree, High School Diploma, IELTS 6.0

Language Level : B2

Visa Type : 32

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 5370 per semester Semester

Intakes : September

Course Description :

Three disciplines in a course of study in business psychology

It is not possible to predict or calculate how consumers will react in the economic cycle or how employees will react in change processes. Business psychologists play an important role in these questions due to their sound academic, interdisciplinary training: First, they possess the psychological expertise to positively influence and steer employees or customers. Second, they have a deep understanding of business administration, which helps them to shape change processes in the organisational structure in a sustainable way. Third, their management know-how enables them to manage internal restructuring particularly efficiently. Business psychology and management are essential for a sustainably growing company.

Master’s degree in Business Psychology and Management qualifies you for high-level management positions in marketing, advertising and strategy as well as in leadership and human resources.

Start an international career with a Master’s degree in Business Psychology

Our Master of Science programme “Business Psychology and Management” is one of the few programmes in Germany that offers the professional orientation of business psychology in English. It has been specially tailored to the requirements of executives in international companies: Students not only receive excellent professional training, but also qualify in the areas of self-, project and team management, international project management and reflected leadership behaviour.

Masters in Business Psychology - What will you learn?

In the first semesters you will focus mainly on topics from strategic management and international business, which will be conveyed in a practice-oriented manner using various case studies. These include seminars and lectures such as:

  • Innovation Management and Digital Transformation

  • Strategic Analysis and Management

  • International Economics

  • Applied Management Accounting

Expertise in business management & psychology

Starting in the second semester, the focus will change to business psychology research on customers and digital business: In courses such as “Advertising Psychology & Sales Management” or “Market Research & Marketing Psychology”, you will learn how you can better understand and positively influence the purchasing decision processes of customers using psychological analysis methods. Further courses with an emphasis on business psychology await you:

  • Psychology in Digital Leadership & Agile Management

  • Work and Organisational Psychology

  • Human Resource Development and Coaching

  • Modern Trends of Applied Business Psychology

Business Management & Psychology career path - What can I do with a master's in business psychology?

A Master of Science degree in Business Psychology and Management in Germany offers you numerous career opportunities in international companies – whether as a freelance consultant or as an employee in middle and upper management. Alumni of a Master of Business Psychology with a focus on management will find employment:

  • in recruiting, personnel selection and aptitude diagnostics

  • in people team management

  • in personnel and organisational development

  • in coaching

  • in strategy consulting

  • in marketing management

  • in communication and advertising management

  • in agile or change management

  • in market and opinion research

As a further option, a doctoral programme in this subject area at our university is open to you following your master’s degree in business psychology.

Practical and diverse: Masters in Business Psychology and Management

During your business psychology master’s degree, you will gain important practical experience within the context of our business projects, where you will work together with business partners on real or realistic business cases, aswell as during an eight-week internship at home and abroad. If you wish, you can write your Master Thesis in the fourth semester as a project in a company of your choice.