Military English
course Name

Institute Name : Inlingua - Cheltenham

Course Name : Military English

Course Type : Foreign Languages

Education Level : 2

Duration : 4 weeks

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : English B1

Language Level : B1

Visa Type : 23

Application Fee : None

Academic Deposit : None

Fees : £995 Full

Intakes : February, May, September, OCtober

Course Description :

.Military English
The inlingua Cheltenham course in Military English is designed to prepare
military and security personnel, civil servants and diplomats to take up roles
where they will need to use English daily.
The training is delivered within a framework derived from the NATO STANAG
6001 language proficiency guidelines. The teacher will select elements
according to the specific needs of each trainee.
• Fighting Forces
• Uniform and Equipment
• The Infantry Platoon
• Reconnaissance Patrol
• Return to Headquarters
• At the Information Post
• Battle Camp
• Weapon Handling
• Fit to Fight
• The Tank
• Survival in the Field
• Room Inspections
• Briefings Prisoners of War
• An Army Career
• Platoon in Defence
• Fire and Manoeuvre
• Appreciation
• Section in the Attack
• Debriefing
• Advance to Contact