MA Marketing Management
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Institute Name : CBS International Business School

Course Name : MA Marketing Management

Course Type : Undergraduate

Education Level : 7,8

Duration : 2 Years

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : Bachelor Degree, High School Diploma, IELTS 6.5

Language Level : B2

Visa Type : 32

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 5370 per semester Semester

Intakes : September

Course Description :

Why should you do a master's in marketing management?

Marketing is constantly changing. Though digitization makes it easy to measure advertising effectiveness, the fragmentation of communication channels and the bombardment of advertisements in an “always-on” society makes it increasingly challenging to place advertising messages effectively. On a global level, this means flexibility is required in terms of strategic marketing decisions, creating a demand for a new type of manager who will help shape change. You see your future in international marketing? A Master’s in Marketing Management at CBS International Business School will equip you with the skills to analyse markets, target groups, and competitors while building brand awareness and designing products with maximum sales appeal – with the right advertising message and through the most efficient channel.

Marketing from all perspectives

Within the Marketing Master's, you acquire not only marketing knowledge but also develop a broad business-oriented foundation from business economics to supply chain management. In the first semester, you will be faced with a complex variety of marketing strategies and ways that lead to strong, distinctive, and worldwide branding. In light of global competition and cultural differences, this is not some trivial task: A good strategy a) takes into account trends and customer needs, b) points to the future and c) has the power to influence markets. In the second semester, you will learn the calculatory and psychological methods required for setting prices as well as how to influence sales figures, image, and length of the product lifecycle. The sales strategy, on the other hand, describes the decisions for distribution channels and defines sales targets. The third semester is devoted to the subject of market innovation because in the case of competitive or disruptive sectors, thought-out, anticipatory planning is necessary for launching new products or opening up new markets.

What are the requirements for a master's degree in Marketing?

You already have a first academic degree in business economics, such as a Bachelor of Business Administration. As the degree programme is completely in English, advanced English skills are a must.