IGCSE English
course Name

Institute Name : Online Business School

Course Name : IGCSE English

Course Type : Academic 12-16

Education Level : 2

Duration : 1 Year

Method of Delivery : Online

Pre Requirements : Age 14-16

Language Level : B1

Visa Type :

Application Fee : None

Academic Deposit : None

Fees : £1500 Full

Intakes : September

Course Description :

English core skills

The module covers the basic English skills that you will need in order to complete the rest of the course successfully. There are no specific questions on spelling and punctuation in the examination, but you will be expected to punctuate and spell correctly, as well as write good, grammatical English

Reading comprehension

This module covers questions that are designed to assess reading comprehension (AO1: the ability to read with understanding and select information in an appropriate way from the passages). Questions will be asked on passages which are linked by their theme or subject matter.

Writing to specific guidelines

This section tests your ability to write, according to clear guidelines, in response to material that will appear on the examination paper.

Writing reviews, blogs and articles

Reviews come in all shapes and sizes and these days, and online reviews can even make or break a business. For the purposes of the exam we will be looking at longer reviews, rather than the short ones found on review sites like Trustpilot.

Writing Styles and Exam Prep

This module covers some specific formats involved in transactional writing including instructions, reports, letters, reviews, blogs, articles and leaflets.