General Spanish
course Name

Institute Name : Hispania-Valencia

Course Name : General Spanish

Course Type : Foreign Languages

Education Level : 1,2

Duration : from 1 Week

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : Entry level assessment

Language Level : B1

Visa Type : 34

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : from Euro 27 per week Weekly

Intakes : All round year

Course Description :

This is the ideal course to get a complete learning of Spanish. Students in the General Spanish Course will learn the Spanish language through the study of grammar, vocabulary, elaboration of written texts, reading and listening comprehension, pronunciation, spelling and conversation. The purpose of this course is for the student to be able to speak correctly, have a fluent conversation in Spanish, understand a text and write a paper.


Our classes are characterized by practicing a lot of conversation and learning in an enjoyable and effective way to use the language.
Our teachers use the most innovative teaching strategies so that learning Spanish in Hispania, escuela de español, is very easy and fun.
In general Spanish courses the language is taught in all registers, formal and informal, and attention is paid to the different linguistic varieties so that the student can understand any type of communicative discourse.


The academic program or the Curricular Plan has been prepared taking into account the Reference Levels for Spanish that the Cervantes Institute presents and in turn the Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching and Evaluation has been taken into account.Our teaching method is endorsed by the most prestigious national and international educational institutions of the highest quality. It allows a total flexibility, since we prepare each class “to the menu”, according to the assistants, reason why you can come to class when you prefer and to recover all the classes to which you could not attend.
Here we indicate the number of hours in a guiding way to complete a level of CEFR and move to the next level:


1. Access (80-100 class hours)
A2. Platform (100-140 hours of class)
B1 Threshold (120-180 class hours)
B2. Advanced (150-200 class hours)
C1. Domain (180-240 hours of class)
C2. Master’s degree (210-260 hours of class)