Football Development Programme
course Name

Institute Name : IHM Football Academy

Course Name : Football Development Programme

Course Type : Skills

Education Level : 3

Duration : From 2 Weeks

Method of Delivery : CAMP

Pre Requirements : Entry Assessment

Language Level : A1-C1

Visa Type : Study Permit

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : View Course Details

Intakes : All round year

Course Description :

Much more than just a football coaching course!

IHM Football Academy will help you to be the best player and the best person that you can be:

– Be coached by UEFA qualified coaches
– Earn the chance to trial with Spanish & Portuguese professional clubs
– Develop leadership and life skills as you learn how to coach
– Learn the best route into professional football whilst also planning an alternative career pathway

At IHM Football academy we know exactly how difficult it is to make it a professional footballer. That’s why we give you the best support possible to be the best player that you can be.
You may dream of signing for a top club. You want to do everything that you can to make that happen. We share your passion, but we know how hard this journey can be. That means at IHM Manchester we will also guide you towards building a “Plan B”.

What will you do if you don’t make it as a pro player? Our UEFA qualified coaches will give you the very best opportunities for success, whether that be as a professional player or by helping you work towards an alternative career outside of the professional game.
At IHM we care about you as a person, not just as a player.

The IHM Coaching Panel

Sitting twice a year, once in December and again in June, our panel will consider the merits of each IHM student player who has:
1 submitted a complete player profile
2 consistently demonstrated the correct mental attitude and displayed good character at all times
3 engaged in all classroom tasks and activities
4 demonstrated appropriately high football skills and fitness
The Panel will then decide whether to recommend the player attends professional football club trials in Portugal or Spain.
The Panel will consist of the IHM senior coaching team.

Possible Outcomes (from this course):

Educational Pathways

A selection of academic courses + IHM football academy, leading to UK university entrance, are available with our two partner boarding schools.

US Soccer Scholarship

Working with IHM’s specialist partner agency; “Soccer Assist”, players can apply for funded / partially funded places at US colleges and universities.

Professional club trials in Spain or Portugal

IHM has partnerships with academies in both Spain and Portugal who can set up trials for players with all level of national league clubs.

Football Opportunities in the player’s home country

Using a player’s online profile, players may be advised to trial for professional teams in their home country.

Programme Information:

International student players between 16 and 19 years of age are welcome to apply.

What’s included:

  • 10 hours per week football coaching
  • Match play (subject to availability in the closed season)
  • Classroom based sessions led by IHM coaching staff
  • Supervised creation of an individual player profile / career cv
  • Entry to “The IHM Coaching Panel” – opportunities for pro club trials, US soccer scholarships, further or higher education
  • IHM kit pack: 2 training kits (shirt, shorts, socks), 1 tracksuit, 1 red polo shirt
  • Gym membership
  • Standard homestay accommodation
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure (Manchester airport)
  • Registration fees


Students aged 16 or 17 years of age must stay with one of the schools approved homestay providers. Single room, shared bathroom, full board at the weekend, half board from Monday to Friday.
Students aged 18 or 19 years may choose to stay either with a homestay provider or in the self-catering student residence.


Minimum course duration is 2 weeks.
Start any Monday from: Monday 5th July 2021
Finish any Saturday. Final day Saturday 28th August 2021

Prices 2021

Age 16/17

Duration Price
2 weeks £1,395.00
4 weeks £2,775.00
8 weeks £5,345.00

Age 18+

Durantion price
2 weeks £1,295.00
4 weeks £2,495.00
8 weeks £4,795.00

Further Information on Classroom Based Sessions:

Career & Study Guidance: creating a player CV/Portfolio

Coaching staff will provide guidance to all students to help them to create an online personal player profile. This will help them to present themselves well to scouts as well as being obligatory for those players wishing to enter the “IHM Player Panel”. This will involve collecting and editing video footage from the academy’s VEO video system and creating a compelling personal statement. The player portfolio will also be useful for student players planning academic studies leading to university entrance. Coaching staff will illustrate the difficulties involved in signing a professional football contract. For this reason staff will also present information about other careers in the world of sport.

Psychology for Football and Positive Mental Health Strategies

Understanding aspects of sport psychology is key to competing successfully at the top level. Our coaches will introduce various sport psychology topics and then develop the lesson into an open class discussion. Various psychological challenges experienced by the footballer and strategies for dealing with these, illustrated by first hand examples, will be covered. Having the necessary resilience for all that football and life throw at you, is an essential key life skill and is also covered in these sessions.

The demands of professional football & planning an alternative career

The IHM senior coaching staff have got first-hand experience of working in / playing for professional football clubs. Here they will share the stresses and challenges that the game can demand of a player. These sessions are designed to provide a realistic and honest insight into what is involved in making it as a professional player and the importance of preparing an alternative career path in case an individual doesn’t manage to achieve their goal. Having a valid “plan B” is essential. These sessions highlight why and start the process of planning one.

An introduction to football coaching

These sessions will provide the foundations of coaching sport, specifically football. The IHM coaches will highlight the qualities needed to become an effective coach and leader. The contemporary coach is able to inspire others and communicate clearly and effectively, which are valuable qualities for life, even outside of football. As student players become comfortable with leadership they will in turn learn how to instil confidence in a team or group. In addition, IHM student players will learn how to keep athletes safe by assessing risk and devising strategies to manage that.

Constructive criticism skills in the context of VEO video highlights

During these sessions student players will not only have the opportunity to analyse play from their own match play, but also to learn how to receive constructive criticism from their coaches and peers. They will learn to reflect upon and evaluate their performance in order to continue to develop as a player and as a person. Reviewing performance and revising behaviour are key skills that will set young players in good stead in the world of work as well as in sport and education. Student players will subsequently also build up a library of edited highlights to enhance their online player profiles.