Bachelor in International Tourism Management
course Name

Institute Name : CBS International Business School

Course Name : Bachelor in International Tourism Management

Course Type : Undergraduate

Education Level : 4,5,6

Duration : 3 Years

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : High School Diploma

Language Level : B2

Visa Type : 32

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 5370 per semester

Intakes : September

Course Description :

What is Tourism Management and why you should study it?

You could be forgiven for believing that you’ve got a good understanding of what tourism management entails. The familiarity of booking a trip and experiencing a destination as a marketable entity seems almost second nature to us. However, even the shortest excursion often involves intersecting with various facets of hospitality, aviation, event, service and hotel management. What’s more, tourism is directly affected by the environment – and vice versa. Economic, ecological, political and geographical factors greatly influence the touristic landscape. Complex and captivating, tourism management itself is an ever-changing adventure, and a fantastic industry to be a part of.

With an analytical eye, we query the ethics and sustainability of tourism in relation to the wider world, beyond the walls of the classroom, asking questions such as:

  • Cheap holidays are nice – but at whose expense?

  • What are the implications of visiting an area before it is “destroyed” by tourists?

By putting the industry in dialogue with academia, our international tourism management team will help you answer such questions through evaluating the multi-vocal perspectives of different stakeholders. Most importantly however, we invite you to reflect on your own involvement and discover how you can meaningfully contribute to the tourism of the future.

Tourism Management Degree at CBS – Where Theory Meets Practice

Tourism management operates within a multi-trillion-dollar industry. As one of the biggest global employers with the most international career opportunities, working in tourism could quite literally mean working anywhere in the world. Our English-language BA International Tourism Management programme offers a bridge between theory and practice – integrating our students with industry experience right from the start by way of the following:

  • A guided tour of Cologne, hosted by the Department of Tourism Management.

  • A business project in collaboration with KölnTourismus.

  • Excursions to South Korea as supported by the German Academic Exchange Service and the Korea Tourism Organization.

  • Participation in the world’s biggest tourism fair, ITB Berlin, which saw CBS students awarding the Best Exhibitor Award (BEA) at last year’s ceremony.

  • We prioritize the application of theoretical knowledge in real-life situations.

  • As international tourism management heavily involves internationalization and digitization, we incorporate these fields into every aspect of our curriculum ensuring that you have the key skills employers are looking for in budding young professionals.

Meet Likeminded Tourism Management Enthusiasts at Tourism Events

The Faculty of International Tourism Management understands the value of extra-curricular activities and champions the many opportunities International Tourism Management students have to gain new experiences. In addition to company visits, projects, and industry-led presentations, the faculty hosts regular ‘Tourism Mixers’ in which ITM students, lecturers, and alumni alike meet twice a semester to exchange ideas and to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. This encourages a habit of lifelong learning and innovative, critical thinking, setting up our tourism management students for long, rich careers.

A Tourism Management Degree That Broadens Horizons

The International Tourism Management Team also plan CBS study trips, giving our students the chance to explore exciting destinations twice a year (e.g. South Korea and Oman). Utilizing our international networks, global corporate partnerships and university alliances, the CBS study trips strike the right balance between theory and application, including exchanges with company representatives and students from different cultures.

Our tourism management excursions not only furnish you with international travelling experience, but you will be expected to actively contribute to the trip and plan parts of the journey yourself. Hence, a study trip is not a holiday, but a fruitful learning experience that is rewarded with ECTS.

Research within the scope of the tourism management degree - How does it help to become a better tourism manager?

Research is an essential aspect of the international tourism management program. Our tourism management professors are dedicated to equipping you with all the tools you need to start digging deep into scholarly articles, discover connections and engage critically with source material. We aim to nurture a culture of learning through a combination of independence and commitment.

Further, it is essential that our students keep up-to-date with current global trends, markets and tourist behavior. In light of this, ethical issues must also be taken into consideration. Questions such as how terrorism affects tourism, or how tourism affects the environment, people and culture must be asked in order to foster critical perspectives and worldly knowledge, which are essential for understanding tourism at a managerial level.