Bachelor in Financial Management
course Name

Institute Name : CBS International Business School

Course Name : Bachelor in Financial Management

Course Type : Undergraduate

Education Level : 4,5,6

Duration : 3 Years

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements : High School Diploma, IELTS 6.0

Language Level : B2

Visa Type : 32

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 5370 per semester Semester

Intakes : September

Course Description :

Why is financial management important? and why should you study it?

There is a good reason why many CEOs were first Chief Financial Officers. Every business is about money. About profitability and liquidity. Numbers are at the heart of any business. Those who know the financial situation and can control it can lead the entire company. Therefore, experts who studied Finance are in demand. They work in the financial departments of companies or directly in companies for which money is the essential business: namely banks, financial services providers or insurance companies.

What do you learn in a financial management bachelor's degree?

If you specialize in Financial Management, which is part of the International Business Studies programme, you acquire profound financial expertise in semesters 3 to 6. A study in Finance focuses on the basic models of the capital market theory, financial institutions and financial instruments as well as the theory and practice of capital markets. This also includes the link between risk and return on money investments and forms the basis for further topics, such as corporate finance or strategic management in banking and finance. You will learn to navigate safely throughout these subjects. This is the ideal preparation for starting your career in the financial sector.

Get practical international experience

semester abroad or an internship abroad is part of your Finance studies. Learn first-hand how corporate cultures and challenges differ from one another abroad. This is how you get ahead experience-wise. We support you in choosing the right university or the ideal company.

What are the career opportunities with a financial management degree?

For graduates with a degree in Finance, the entire world of business and finance is at their feet. Thanks to your knowledge, your stay abroad, your internship and the scientific work on a financial issue which you write during your studies, you have excellent opportunities on the job market. What are you waiting for?