B2 (Start from Absolute Beginner A0 until you achieve B2)
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  • B2 (Start from Absolute Beginner A0 until you achieve B2)
course Name

Institute Name : ISL Sprachschule (German Universities Pathways)

Course Name : B2 (Start from Absolute Beginner A0 until you achieve B2)

Course Type : Foreign Languages

Education Level : 1,2

Duration : 30 Weeks

Method of Delivery : Classroom

Pre Requirements :

Language Level : A1-C1

Visa Type : Study Permit

Application Fee : Euro 400

Academic Deposit :

Fees : Euro 6250 (if you start at A0). Each Level is Euro 900. Full

Intakes :

Course Description :

Which program is right for you?

All students have a German level that they must reach in order to gain direct entry to Univers We check your documents free of charge when you apply to us and tell you which program / which path is right for you :ity (C1 level) or Foundation year (B2 level). When you inquire about our German courses in preparation for German University entrance we will evaluate your documents at no charge and inform you which program / path you must take.

Registration fee: A registration fee of 400 euros is due for both programs. This cannot be reimbursed and includes the following services:

  • we will make sure that you receive your conditional admission from the university
  • we will send you the documents you need for the visa process by courier
  • Before you leave, we will prepare you for your visa interview via Skype
  • we take out your insurance
  • Your registration at the ISL language school
  • We use Skype to assess the level of your German language skills


The following table shows the prices for the two programs (B2 or C1):

Program Duration in weeks, starting from level A0 (no previous knowledge) Costs for the program in euros Additional services included in the price Tests included in the price
B2 30th 6250

Advice on university and preparatory college

All teaching materials

Airport pick up




C1 40 8100


TestDaF or TELC C1

For each level that you have already reached and that we confirm verbally and in writing ( see "our level system" ), our price is reduced by 900 euros. For example, if you have learned German up to level A1 at home, you will pay 900 euros less. If you already have German language skills at level B1, you pay 3600 euros less (4 levels of 900 euros each).

Lessons take place in 30 hours per week with a maximum of 14 students.

The number of students who learn German with us is more than 500 throughout the year. We are an approved provider of the BAMF and guarantee you high-quality teaching. 

B2 program

To be admitted to a preparatory college

If your school leaving certificate first has to be brought to the level of the German Abitur (German university entrance qualification), this program is the right one for you.

First you will learn German up to level B2, then you will complete the preparatory college. Here you learn German up to level C1. After you have passed the final examination (FSP), you can begin your studies at a German university.

If you have already studied for 1-2 years in your home country, you usually do not have to attend a preparatory college in Germany. In this case, you need German language skills at level C1 and can then start studying at a German university straight away.

If you fail a level, then you can repeat that for free.