St Bernard Autumn

Institute Name : St Bernard Camp

Course Name : St Bernard Autumn

Course Type : Foreign Languages

Education Level : 2

Duration : 1 week

Method of Delivery : CAMP

Pre Requirements : Age: 8-17

Language Level : B1

Visa Type : 23

Application Fee :

Academic Deposit :

Fees : CHF 1250 Weekly

Intakes : 03.10 / 10.10 / 17.10.2021

Course Description :

French, English & German language Study holiday in Valais with friLingue for children & tennagers - Autumn 2021

Learn French, English or German ​​in our very own chalet in the Valaisian Alps, located in the Val d'Entremont, between France and Italy.

This camp in Liddes, Saint Bernard is aimed at young people between the ages of 8 and 17. Language lessons are held in small groups of 6 participants in average. Our sympathetic and dynamic teachers ensure that you will learn French, English or German with pleasure.


The Great St. Bernhard Pass has been connecting the north with the south of Europe for thousands of years. The region saw numerous pilgrims on their way to Rome, but also traders and soldiers, including Napoleon's army, who marched to Marengo around 1800. Liddes is situated on a magnificent vantage point, facing the rising sun, at the entrance of the nature reserve of Combe de l'A.


The 25 km long spring river Dranse d'Entremont has its origin in the area of ​​the Great St. Bernhard Pass. It flows northwards and is collected in the Lac of the Toules for energy production. Then the Dranse d'Entremont crosses a height difference of 800 m in the valley of the Val d'Entremont, which lies west of the Grand Combin. In the Talkessel of Orsières, she takes the third head stream from the left, the "Dranse de Ferret", and then flows further northwards to Sembrancher.