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We assist students in selecting a suitable country which offers their desired course and helps align their aspiration with their choices. Parents are mainly concerned with the financial aspect university standards to which IEC provides the appropriate solution. The initial counseling is free, and we talk to a student on a prior appointment basis.

IEC also provides the means of having a backup plan forum predicted situations. Once the student is registered with us we are constantly in touch with the university to monitor the progress of the student application. Our well-trained staff with highly specialized skill set does complete justice to the students.

The visa requirement varies in each country and with the increase in the international student ratio in every university it has become a necessity for the student to be aware of the visa policies. IEC provides student visa support and assistance to students who are genuine and intend to pursue their education abroad. We help student through the procedure and in understanding the need of student vigilance.

At times, it is found that the greatest obstacle for the students to choose a career path is having no goal. We know that there are many students who are perplexed about their choice. The indecision of the students troubles the parents. We provide career guidance and support for both students and parents in association with our strategic partners.


Short Courses

You can learn short skills through our partners. Short courses are from 2 weeks to 11 months. You would get a short visa to cover your course duration for these kinds of courses.

    • Language courses: you can attend language courses in our partner countries. These courses are for children and adults. The courses for children can be mixed with other activities such as sport academy, dance or music. There are also packages for families and children to participate in learning language plus activities.
    • Short Skill Courses: there are many popular short skill courses such as: hair dressing, plumbing, Electricity, Information Technology courses, dance, art etc.
    • Professional Registrations: We help nurses, dentists, and doctors to register in our partner countries. They must take few exams in order to be registered and qualified for practice.

Long Courses

These kinds of courses are academic that ends to an academic qualification. You would need student visa for these kind of courses

    • Primary Education age (6-11)
    • Secondary Education age (12-16)
    • Further Education age (16-19)
    • Higher Education age (19 Plus)
Many institutes offer partial or full scholarships to qualified applicants. We can assess your circumstances and see if you are qualified for a scholarship application to any institutes. You must bear it in mind that, even if you are qualified to apply, would not mean that your application outcome would be successful. The funds are very limited for each institute.
Transfer Course
If you are already a student in our partner countries, and you are not happy with your course or college, we can help to find you better options.
Investor Residency
If you are an investor, we have some good projects in United Kingdom and United States to invest and get indefinite residency.
Private tutoring
If you are a student and struggling with your subjects, we can arrange for qualified private tutors to help you.