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What services do you give to your clients?

We give free consultancy to potential students that like to continue their studies in abroad. We take initial assessments from each client. We give the best options available to each client. Then we would take the whole responsibility to take an offer from an educational institute that our client is interested in. If the client requires a visa for destination country, then we would help with his/her visa application.

Which Countries do you have offices in?

Our head office is in Slough, United Kingdom. We have offices in Iran, UAE, and Algeria.

You do not have an office in my town, how can I meet your representatives?

You can send an enquiry through our website, leave your name, email and telephone number and somebody from our local office or London would contact you. We would make initial talks on phone and internet. If there is any need for face to face meeting, we would arrange it with you either at your town or our office.

You don’t have offices in my country, Can I still get your help?

If you speak one of our languages, English, Farsi, Arabic, French, Spanish or Russian, then You are welcome to seek help through us. You can send a query through our website and one of our colleagues would contact you.

Do you guarantee a visa for destination country?

No, we do not guarantee a visa as we do not issue the Visa. It is up to the destination country immigration officers to assess your visa application and be satisfied with that. We help our clients to give a better representation of their visa application.

How Long would the visa application take?

Depending on your country of study, It takes at least 1 month that your visa application is processed and finalized. If you are assessed as a genuine student, you must also meet all other requirements to be granted a student visa. When granting a visa, you must check your visa label for terms and condition of this visa. Also, the visa expiry date must be noticed in order to leave the country before your visa is being expired.

What requirements needed to obtain student visa?

A student needs to meet certain requirements to obtain a student visa. Based on your study destination country and country of residency, the requirements for student visas vary.

Student backgrounds and their genuine purpose of study affects their visa application outcome greatly.

Generally, there are a few steps that you need to follow to start the student visa application process:

Step 1 – Make payment of tuition fees

Step 2 – Receive confirmation of enrolment or acceptance of studies

Step 3 – Determine the type of visa

Step 4 – Determine the country of residency

Step 5 – Check the academic and age requirements

Step 6 – Check the English language requirements

Step 7 – Check the financial requirements

Step 8 – Medical checks