Long Courses

These are academic courses that last minimum one full academic year and leads to an academic qualification at the end. These courses cover all ages from 10 plus.


Special Tips

There are some academic pre requirements for these courses. You need to have certain level of language qualifications. You also need to have certain academic qualifications. You might need academic references.


You must have certain knowledge of language

Academic qualifications

You must have certain academic qualifications

Can I extend these courses at the end?

Yes, you can, based on immigration rules of destination country.

What kind of Visa?

You need student visa.

Short Courses

These courses are minimum 2 weeks to 6 months. You usually do not need language qualifications for these courses. These courses can be vocational and might end to a qualification. You learn skills with these courses.


Special Tips

You would not need student visa for these courses. You might be able to extend the course at the end depending on the immigration rules. In UK you cannot extend the short course length beyond your visa period but in USA you can.


You learn skills to help you with employment with these courses.

Can I extend? 

It depends on immigration rules in destination country.

What kind of Visa?

You need short visit visa for these courses.

Can I work while I study these courses?

It depends on destination country immigration rules. In UK you cannot but in Ireland you can.